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Sick and tired of this life

Oh, boy. My throat is raw and sore, every swallow is a new adventure in discomfort. Welcome back to DC!
So, the decision. Yes, I am going to move to California — a decision which has driven me insane for the last few months, until I finally realized that I could spend the rest of my life wondering if I should do it. So I decided to do it.
Oh, boy — what a scary thing… I’ve lived here in DC for my entire life (except for one short 9 month stint in California, coincidentally just a mile away from where I’ll be staying when I first get there).
As I was coming home on the plane (whew — actually got to sit in my first class seat on the way back… and look at the awfully cute guy in 2B), I noticed that I started to get more and more stressed as we approached DC. My head started to hurt. My neck seized up. My back was sore. I started to get heartburn.
It is such a weird thing, the physical effects of being here. Could it be that all my annoying ailments are psychosomatic, caused by my life here in the DC area? As soon as I walked into my office, I could feel the weight on me, my body protesting.
I didn’t mean to do it right away, and I don’t know what made me do it, but I went ahead and told my boss that I was leaving. He turned white as a sheet.
Other than my boss, it seems that everyone I tell likes the idea. And they all seem to think that I will do well, that I am talented and will get a great job. Something I’ve always had trouble believing… I wonder if I will be able to use this move to change my outlook on things.
So, yes. I know the way to San Jose. And I’ll be on my way May 9.

(Psst… I haven’t told a lot of people yet, such as my parents. So you heard it here first.)


  • Please, please buy a duck and name him Franky, but then again that’ll mean you’ll move to Marion a few years after.

    I think you have made a very wise, bold and realistic choice. Don’t be to afraid, people do this kind of thing every day.

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