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Believe it or not

Some people will believe anything. There are people out there who truly believe that there are nearly invisible extraterrestrial creatures flying around us, which are so fast that they can only be captured on videotape.
Anyone with a modicum of intelligence can see that these “Rods” are just the blurry image of flying insects that have passed by quicker than a frame of video. The symmetrical “fins” are quite clearly the pattern created by their flapping wings.
Naturally, people who believe this kind of crap make huge leaps in logic to justify it. For instance, this guy makes a bizarre statement of their “friendliness” with no basis for his fear:

They appear to be friendly. During one photo shoot, there was one rod that comes close to colliding with a base jumper in the cave, and at the last minute it makes an abrupt maneuver to avoid a collision. I would hate to think what one of these might do if it were threatened.

Gee, if it were threatened, it might… well, it might… um… get squashed under your shoe?
(Don’t miss the picture on that site which purports to show a Rod of “longer than a hundred feet” since it’s obscured by a cloud… they don’t think to mention that it’s likely that the Rod is in FRONT of the cloud, not behind it.)
The reason I bring this up is simply to make a slightly amusing pun. This morning I was surfing around the web, and innocently came upon a little porno movie. (C’mon, I’m not John Ashcroft here.) A minute into it, something caught my eye — a Rod! No, not that rod, the other kind. Take a look. At the Rod on the left, I mean.
Paranormal porn. Wacky.

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