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Suffer the little children

Oh, my — how come I never noticed this before it was brought to my attention by Fark? From my own neighborhood comes this extremely unfortunate logo design:


This is a public service announcement from a Creative Director to you: always hire a good designer. There’s more to logo design than you realize.


  • As a printer, not a designer I see everyday the crap that people “design” We have a designer on staff with over 30 years in the field and the fist thing people tell him is they want to use their design.

    It’s like telling a Chef how to cook!

    Not only should you HIRE a good designer but you then need to back away and let them do their job. After all they know more about it than you do. Isn’t that why you hired them?

  • I run into this problem constantly — I have 20 years of experience as a designer, but I’m always second-guessed by people who are NOT designers, around here it’s usually school teachers who think that they are designers.
    Right now I’m designing a logo for a freelance client who rejected the first one (which was appropriate for the event, could be reproduced in color or black & white, etc.). The client wants something in full color (even though they usually print in spot colors) and that has little design connection with the event they’re promoting. Eh. Whatever. If they’re paying for it, I’ll compromise my design. It’s not like a career path or anything.

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