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That’s incredible

Singer, actor, game show host… and education entrepreneur. Remember John Davidson?
Turns out that he has invented educational games and is one of the exhibitors here at our social studies conference.


  • Wow – you guys are harsh like a bunch of biddies criticizing Easter hats in church!
    I think it’s rather cool that he has created some educational games that will help kids learn geography; it seems much more worthwhile than hosting a game show, doesn’t it?

  • It is great, but I have to say my first thought was indeed that he looked like a middle-aged woman. 😐

  • Ah, pity the poor 1980s celebrity: instantly recognizable by the long, feathered hair, the specimen must maintain that look through the years despite its inappropriateness or datedness. (Is that a word?)
    Regardless, I feel bad now — I thought it was cool that he was at our conference and doing something worthwhile, and really didn’t mean to ridicule his appearance!

  • While I have no need to poke fun of him or how he’s aged. (you guys wait…you’ll get your turn)

    I will confess there’s something about John that has always bothered me. Never sure what it was exactly. He just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I am glad that he is still out there plugging away and even trying to educate kids. A noble cause indeed. And even better that he doesn’t have the “I was a star” mentality that affected so many actors from the 80’s.

    I promise I’ll try to think of his good work with children if he promises not to give me a hug.

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