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  • I thought I’d try and e-mail you to see if this gets to you! I tried e-mailing via Microsoft Outlook you but I had problems. If you e-mail me at my e-mail address I may be able to respond back via the normal way.

    Healtherlea is dark and lonely without you! I look to your house sadly knowing you are not there!

    Maya scaled the barricade I had for her, made it down the stairs this morning, and clearly has earned free reign of the house. She and Luna were playing this morning, so things are coming along nicely there. Maya insists on being held, so it will be a little difficult to pack, but, it’ll get done somehow.

    I looked you up in Google and found your webpage with your various updates! Yes, Toto, you’re not in Virginia anymore.

    Kiss Diego for me! I miss you already. love, danielle

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