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“I’m just happy for the winners.”

Well, the winners list for the Best of Washington in the 48 Hour Film Project is out, and our little 3D extravaganza wasn’t on it. I’m simultaneously disappointed and relieved, mostly because I was a little bewildered when we won last year. Perhaps last year’s was the result of a perfect storm of problems that made us punt; this year our film’s gimmicks drove the story which was probably not the optimal way to make a good film. Not that George Lucas every had any problems in that regard… but then again, I don’t see any of his latest films garnering rave reviews or Best Picture Oscars, either.
I’d settle for the money, myself.

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  • I was hoping you would win as one last going away surprise. But like you I feel you got the better end of the deal. Take the money and run, works for me.

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