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Mountain Man

Just a housekeeping note: now that I’m moved in and have the cable modem juryrigged (with a cable stretching across the room — just temporary until I get the ethernet network in the house up and running), the “Backyard Weather” cam is back online… with a very different view than it had back in Virginia.
My new home is on a hill — Communications Hill, if you’re familiar with San Jose. The first two floors don’t have any really nice views, but the third floor, up in a sort of tower on the back of the house, has an unobstructed view over the Santa Clara Valley toward the Santa Cruz Mountains to the south.
I’ve been mesmerized watching the different look to the mountains every day, as weather swirls around them. So, you can be certain that I’ll be making some cool time-lapse movies!
[To watch the camera streaming live, click on the “Backyard Weather” image over there in the sidebar.]

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