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One of my pet peeves is the deterioration of spelling in this country — perhaps even this world. Everywhere I look, spelling is getting worse and the errors are more prominently displayed. Here’s just one example, from the Target near me:


There were several of these large signs in the store. I guess their proofreader was unavailalbe.

One other spelling aberration that’s always bugged me is the way people mangle the name Michael. So many people swap the A and E, and it’s done so often that it’s become almost acceptable. In fact, I have met at least one person officially named Micheal, who clearly had a typo on his birth certificate. And then, there’s this headline from today’s Washington Post, an outfit that one assumes has proofreaders on staff:


For the record, my name is spelt Gene Cowan, not Gean Cowen. Seriously.


  • You’ll find english in general going down hill. And bad spellers are not the cause. The reality is a lot of Americans can’t (or don’t) read.

    I closed my restaurant for the weekend for painting.
    Posted several large signs in the parking lot.
    I had several signs on the doors.
    As you looked through the glass it was clear to see everything covered under dropcloths. Ladders everywhere and painters working.

    I tried to keep count of the number of stupid people that rattled the door and mouthed “Are you open” I kept track on Sat and was well past 50 and lost count on Sun when people standing behind the people that rattled 3 seconds ago had to take their turn.

    As a business man I almost have to ask.
    Why should I worry about spelling or proper use of the comma when 90% of the people don’t read the sign when its mounted on a door directly in front of them. And written in 6 inch letters!

  • That spelling error is pretty appalling. You’d be amazed what I see every day working for a printer, and this is stuff sent in by people using Word or Quark, software with built-in spelling checkers. If they would only use them.

    Misuse of apostraphes is really rampant, from it’s vs its to plural possessive and wrong use in contractions… sigh.

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