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If I can manage to shake this creeping depression — this morning I laid in bed feeling alone and scared until after 9am — I have a long list of things to do. Since I’m currently unemployed except for freelance work, it stands to reason that I should have plenty of time to accomplish these things.

  • New kid’s website
  • A gift book (one of those little ones you buy at Hallmark)
  • A CD-ROM with articles for classroom teachers (gotta figure out how to create a cross-platform navigation system for it)
  • A new main website for myself
  • And last but perhaps most complicated, a complete re-do of my virtual theme park, g-world.

The last one is the most daunting. I’ve been meaning to do updates for years, and I’ve got a few elements that I worked on long and hard years ago but never put in, like a new monorail ride around the park and a new soundtrack for the Conservative Manor. But it’s such a huge site and so complex that I never got around to it. Now, I feel the pull to do something. Something new. When I finally do a new site, I’ll keep the old one around as an archived nod to yesterday.
So, does anyone have any suggestions for the new g-world? Since it will be running on my very own server, there’s not much of a limit to what I can do — other than the limit on outbound bandwidth from a cable modem, that is.
Send me your wish lists and suggestions. I’ve got a big pad of graph paper, and I’m starting to draw the future now.


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