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Gazing down

When I get homesick, Google comes to the rescue — I can just take a bird’s eye view of my old house and note that my old white Prius is parked in the spot by the mailboxes — this was before Bonnie broke her leg and we all gave her that close-in spot by consensus. There’s Danielle’s house next door, and the pool, before the Jeep drove into it.
(For some reason, it can’t pinpoint my house with the actual house number, so I picked a house number that got close.)

Now, just for contrast, here’s my new home. Again, I had to use a wrong house number to get a better match. My house must have been a model, ‘cos it looks like it was the first built on the hill. Jann’s house, across the street, is under construction in the satellite image.
(Please don’t stalk me, okay?)


  • You don’t have to worry about me stalking you. I’m too old, too fat, and easily out run.

  • I absolutely love Google Maps, and there are some great Greasemonkey extensions for it, too. Some folks also took the Flickr API and the Google Maps API and created a great geoblogging site, where Flickr photos are tagged with GPS data, and then placed on the map according to where they were taken. Here, for example, you can see the positioning of over 300 of my U.S. photos that I’ve geotagged so far.

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