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Well, they’ve named everything else for him

You must be kidding me — Discovery Channel has named Ronald Reagan as the “Greatest American?” Ahead of Abraham Lincoln?
What in the hell did Ronald Reagan do other than spend this country into a massive hole we’ll never climb out of, ignore a massive pandemic, declare ketchup to be a vegetable… oh, yes. He never told us any bad news. That’s what makes a great American.


  • Keep in mind, this was the decision of the “people”, I think. I think if Discovery would have realy done it themselves they would have picked someone more historical maybe.

  • I dunno, Oprah was on the list…
    Now I’m not saying that Regan was Lincoln or anything, but I have to touch on a few things.

    First of all, I hate the word “pandemic,” especially since I only see it when it pertains to AIDS. I can’t recall ever hearing about the cancer pandemic or diabetes pandemic. Just another buzz word for the lefties.
    Second, Reagan did do something quite extraordinary. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would go to bed wondering if the USSR would drop ‘the bomb?’ Try hard to remember since it was so long ago. That ‘massive hole’ he put us in is a lot nicer than the massive hole a soviet ICBM would have created. Let’s make no mistake about this- the war which caused the biggest threat to the absolute American way of life (a.k.a. freedom) was won by the Regan administration, and without having to fire a single shot. That feat alone ranks among the greatest accomplishments ever by an American president.

    Don’t get me wrong, Regan was no prize but what president of recent memory is? Is there someone out there that would actually think that we would have been better off with 8 years of Jimmy Carter? I wonder- when Carter passes away, will the fundies bash his legacy as much as the lefties bash Regan’s?

    Greatest American? Nope. Great American- you bet ya.

    —One last thing.
    You know what I dig the most about this, and many other blogs? That you hear a lot of different voices about a great many things. Take that usually I’m pretty receptive to a good deal of what is posted here, yet there are the times (such as now) that I might disagree a bit. But isn’t that what it’s all about? How else would we learn from each other?
    If anyone ever tells you to change ONE thing about the content of YOUR blog, feel free to tell them where to stick it.

    Now I hope I don’t fall while stepping off my soapbox……

    (oh, one other thing I like is that lately the ‘submit the word you see below’ only has to be typed with one hand. Nice time saver for us people on the go.)

  • Hey, Gene, you’re gonna love this.

    Of course this would only happen in the Happy Land Of Republicans. They (whoever THEY are) have decided that Houston will not rest until a section of the 290 freeway is named after…you guessed it….the urbane Mr. Reagan. That’s right. Ronald Regan will now have a small stretch of highway named after himself, but you have to drive down 290 toward a town called Waller to be on his part of the road.

    Isn’t it bad enough that our largest airport is named after George Bush?


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