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A crack where the light gets in

Can this new rumor and speculation be true? Is it possible that the evil mastermind behind all the joy the Bush administration has brought could actually be treasonous?
The rumor is that Karl Rove is the source of the Valerie Plame leak. Of course, he’s been known to leak significantly in the past, and in fact was fired from the senior Bush’s campaign years ago for leaking to reporters. But this one… this is big. Outing a spy during wartime? Isn’t that the sort of thing that should be punished by hanging?
It seems to be speculation at this point, and I’m afraid that I am pessimistic about the traction this story might have considering the way the media has buried such other big stories as the Downing Street memo… there are so many smoking guns hidden away in this administration, what’s one more?
I just have to laugh and laugh at the Clinton administrations skeletons… lie about getting a blow job, and you’re impeached. But start a war, send thousands to their deaths, bankrupt the country, and reveal the identity of spies? No problem.

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  • Be still my foolish heart!

    Outing a spy during war! Isn’t that the death penalty?

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