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CRAWFORD, Texas (Reuters) – President Bush said he could consider using force as a last resort to press Iran to give up its nuclear program.

Didn’t he say the same thing about Iraq?
The problem — well, one of the problems — with this bizarre new doctrine of pre-emptive war is that of resources. If you want to keep up such beligerence, how are you going to afford it? Where are the soldiers coming from? How do you continually start wars in a far-away region of the world when you can’t manage the two you’ve already started? Right now, Bush War I in Afghanistan and Bush War II in Iraq are draining our resources, with lives and money. And with his bizarre insistence on making more tax cuts more permanent, how does he plan to start another war — and how will he pay the bills for Halliburton’s rather pricey services?
And is it just me, or does George Bush seem like a typical bully — he will not blink at beating up on someone smaller than him… I mean, did anyone think that Iraq wouldn’t fall within days under American firepower? He obviously thinks the same way about Iraq. But evidently, North Korea isn’t small and weak enough for us to invade, eh?
God help Fiji if they decide to start a nuclear program.

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