Just As I Thought

In my day

At exactly this time — well, 3 hours ago on the east coast, actually — thirty-nine years ago, I was born.
As my aunt Susie so kindly pointed out in a birthday card, in 1966:

  • A new car cost $2,653
  • The Baltimore Orioles won the World Series
  • A new house cost $14,175
  • Gas was 32¢ per gallon
  • The top grossing film was “The Bible”, it took in $34,900,023
  • Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California
  • Average income was $6,899 per year
  • U.S. troops in Vietnam increased from 190,000 to 300,000.

Some things change… some things are just the same, eh?

Also, today is the 70th anniversary of Social Security, and as I do every year, here’s a big happy same-birthday to one of my favorite actresses, Alice Ghostley!


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