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Ephemeral in a recorded world

I’m not sure if it’s the hills and mountains between me and the transmitter, but I just can’t get a listenable signal from KQED FM, the major public broadcaster here in the Bay Area. Thus, I haven’t listened to Morning Edition or All Things Considered since I got to California. But this afternoon, I discovered that Comcast has added radio stations to my digital cable, and I’m now listening to ATC for the first time in months.
One thing is kind of weird, though: my Comcast DVR, which records everything into a buffer the way TiVo does, won’t buffer the radio. I can’t pause KQED or go back to hear something I missed. Now I ask you, isn’t this a killer app that Comcast is missing the boat on? Wouldn’t you love to pause NPR when the phone rings, or play back a part that you missed?

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  • What would be even better is if they could somehow make NPR play right into my ear whenever I was having insomina or surgery. The dullness would just send me to sleepy land- and quick.

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