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People will believe anything

So, I just saw one of those “Amazing Products!” commercials, this time for “Reality Water.” The faux reporter interviews a woman who tells about the incredibly pure water she’s selling, water that has a “hexagonal structure” and “passes through cell walls to deliver oxygen” and flush away toxins. It will also help slow or reverse the aging process.
At the end of the commercial, they claim that one bottle of Reality Water makes 16 gallons! So, in other words, for perfect water, just add water.
Please, someone tell me this is a big spoof. If not, I’m gonna start selling dyhdrated water in a specially sterilized bag (sterilized with positive ions, of course), and tell people that one bag of dehydrated water will make up to 10 gallons of water (just add water). And for emergencies, like a terrorist attack (always work in September 11, says George), you should have 10 bags of dehydrated water on hand.

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  • haha i just saw this commercial. i googled ‘reality water’ and all i found was your blog lol. yah its ridiculous huh? haha!

    i would like to have seen a big octopus emerge from the water behind them and swallow them whole, just as the commercial ended.

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