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Extreme Right Makeover

Perhaps Extreme Makeover:Home Edition is trying to court those right wing fundies? After all, in the last year they had some pretty conspicuously religious families, so that probably brought them to the attention of various fundamentalist groups; this year they’re making it obvious by inviting the reprehensible Focus on the Family to donate some propaganda for a homeschooling family; and having Laura Bush make a “spontaneous” appearance.
Funny, I don’t get the feeling that many of the cast are what you’d call right-wingers; especially the glamourous Michael Moloney.
I dunno. I don’t think I want to watch this show anymore.

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  • Speaking of Focus on the Family, they now have ads in Metro stations (I seriously had to do a double-take, since of course they look all sweet and innocuous), including Pentagon City where I have to pass them every weekday. Ugh.

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