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What do I really want?
Is it a small little cottage in a residential neighborhood, a lush backyard and daily maintenance? Mowing the lawn, fixing the roof, and worrying about the 80 year old foundation in an earthquake zone?
Is it the so-new-it’s-not-even-finished downtown loft, with cherry floors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and a separate street-level office… far less maintenance, but an expensive condo fee?
Is it the regular condo, with the gorgeous kitchen but no patio and in a less interesting part of town?
Why can’t I find a place that is a combination of all of these? Why do I keep changing my mind every few minutes, and why am I so terrified of making a choice?


  • 15 years ago when searching for a house to buy my real estate agent (and friend) asked me “What do you really want”

    I said one large open space with a small space off to the side. (I bought a 900sf two bedroom house and lived there for 12 years.)

    Now I’m in Seattle and and live in a commercial space and it just dawned on me. I have two rooms. The main studio is 40×40 and I have an office off to the side that is 10×15

    It is without a doubt the best space I have ever lived in and I was so right so many years ago.

    Being a commercial space I have no lawn, no condo dues, no kids next door and plenty of parking.

    I love every minute of it

    Go with your gut feeling, its generally right

  • I’d go with the small cottage. As you get older you’ll appreciate the quiet and solitude. But that’s just me.
    The downtown route would be cool for a few years, but then get old and headacheie.

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