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Cookin’ in the 1930s

Now that the structural work I needed done has been completed, the time is rapidly approaching for a move to my little bungalow. This means I need to order some appliances — specifically, a refrigerator to replace the ant’s nest; then a few weeks later a cooktop, oven, and dishwasher.
The house was built in 1937, and I want to try to keep a feeling of the 30s-40s when I start doing work in the kitchen. Right now, it’s a bit too modern — in the sense that the kitchen looks old (1990 or so). I’d like to bring it back in time a bit, but I still want today’s appliances. And I also need to be able to sell the place if it turns out that I can’t afford it.
My grand plan includes white cabinetry, a black and white checkered linoleum floor, and probably period white tile countertops. So, the question is: should I get glossy white or stainless steel appliances? I know that stainless wouldn’t necessarily fit in as historically accurate, but I’m not going for accuracy — and stainless seems to be the “in” thing.
What do you think?


  • Stainless Steel is number one in what buyers want.
    White is #2
    All other colors are iffy.

    With as much white as you plan on having in the kitchen the stainless will help break it up.

  • I opted out of stainless because of it’s visibility. I have a great room (a where the kitchen and living room are only separated by the type of flooring) and I thought the stainless would draw to much attention to itself. I went instead with off-white (custom ordered by the way). My whole point is that an appliance should be used, but not seen.
    Also, I’d go with something that goes with the whole 1930’s vibe. We’re at a point in time where that will never go out of style (as isn’t now antique) where the stainless just might.

    Just a thought.

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