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They were the Borg before the Borg

Yes, way back in 1966, Doctor Who had already introduced us to the sci-fi concept of the cybernetic man — humans who had replaced so many parts of their body that they became evil half-men, half machines bent on conquest. They even “assimilated” humans and converted them to Cybermen. Of course, more than 20 years later, Star Trek got the credit and the fame for this concept.
The 2006 season of Doctor Who will feature the return of the Cybermen, last seen in 1988. As has been the tradition since the 60s, they’ve once again been redesigned. It seems that Cybermen may have banished such emotions as compassion and love, but they still have a fashion sense. Here’s a look back at the past and future of the Cybermen:


Is it just me, or have the Cybermen become a bit, well, wide around the hips since the 1980s?

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