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Merry Merry Mary

Unlike retailers, I tend to wait until after Thanksgiving before thinking about Christmas. So, here we are — Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m beginning to put together my shopping list… and starting to think about decorations.
I don’t really think a Christmas tree is in order — first off, I live alone and never really have visitors. Second, I will be back in DC at Christmas, so it’s not like I will be sitting around the tree opening gifts. So, this year at least, no tree.
I’m thinking a simple wreath and some candles in the windows will do it, although the lack of snow and temps in the 50s and 60s will throw me off a bit.
When do you usually start to decorate for the holidays?


  • Some people don’t understand how difficult a change in climate can be and the holidays make things worse. I grew up in Alaska and spent my first Christmas away from home in Hawaii. On Christmas eve I got a bad sunburn laying on the beach listening to traditional holiday music i.e.: Bing Crosby singing White Christmas.

    Alone, away from friends and family and rather than Jack Frost nipping at my nose. Ra was searing my flesh with over 80 deg days. Dashing through the sand just doesn’t have the same feel to it as dashing through the snow. And being from Alaska I knew what snow was, Sleigh bells jingling was not something I first learned about from a song.

    Now in Seattle I again find it difficult to find the holiday spirit. The rain (which I don’t mind) is no substitute for snow and being stuck in traffic on I-5 doesn’t bring up fond memories of being snow bound at the house.

    I won’t be decorating the studio this year and I won’t be putting up a tree. But when I do it’s generally the second week in Dec.

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