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I don’t know if it is because of my recent wistfulness about Thomas, weird dreams about old friends, or the coming of Christmas; but I’ve been in a mood lately to rekindle old friendships — or at least, figure out where old friends are.
Among these old friends is Paul, and I miss hanging out with him. I can’t really figure out why he ended our friendship, but hey — that was 8 years ago or so, and I figured enough time had flowed under the bridge. Sara, my karmic coach, insisted that I just set it all aside and call him, so I did. I left a message with whoever answered the phone down there in Georgia, but haven’t heard anything back. Well, the worst case scenario is that he contacts me and tells me how much he hates me or that he’s taken out a restraining order, or something like that. Best case is that he contacts me, misses me too, and we resume our friendship. As generally happens, however, the third choice is somewhat less dramatic, and will probably involve no response at all. Oh, well. My karma is not to blame, right?
I’m also curious as to whatever happened to the people I went to high school with here in California (for my freshman year, I lived with my grandparents here in San Jose, and went to Lincoln High School, coincidentally that’s the local high school for my new neighborhood). I signed up for one of those “classmates” web sites just to see what happens, but so far I haven’t seen any names I recognize on there. So, Heather Bullock (?) (of Naid Brigade fame), Tony Aguirre, and Roberta — if you’re out there, email me.

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