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One of the things I absolutely loved about the place I was renting here for the last 6 months was the view. Perched on a hill in South San Jose, that house had spectacular views of Mt. Umunhum, the second-tallest peak in the Santa Cruz mountains (the tallest is Loma Prieta, site of the 1989 earthquake). I’ve bored you several times with news of the clouds spilling over the mountains in the morning.
And that was only in one direction, the south. To the east is Mt. Hamilton, where the Lick Observatory perches. The view of San Jose from the observatory is over there in the sidebar.
When I moved here to my little bungalow in north San Jose, I realized that living down at ground level meant no more mountain views, no more panoramic views of the entire Santa Clara Valley. It was disappointing, but I’ve got photos and video to remind me.
Then this morning, I was amazed to discover that I can see the mountains to the east from my front door, between the two houses across the street.


Why hadn’t I noticed this before? True, not as looming or majestic as the old place, but hey — now if I sell, I can claim a mountain view!

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  • “Now if I sell, I can claim a mountain view!”

    That’s the ticket now add 10k to the price!

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