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Allow me this gay geek moment

It’s no secret that a large portion of Doctor Who fans are geeky gay guys like me. But what is astonishing is how long it took for the series to pander to that audience segment. The longest-serving producer of Doctor Who, John Nathan-Turner, was gay; yet in his reign from 1981-1989, he did precious little to keep the poofters tuning in. Along comes Russell T Davies, arguably the most famous gay telly writer — remember “Queer as Folk?” — and finally, we get a bisexual, sexy companion, Captain Jack, who not only flirts with everything that moves but goes naked and produces a compact laser deluxe from someplace on his nude person.
Captain Jack is off to be in his own series now, but thankfully Davies has kept our interest up in the just-aired Christmas special:


First, he gives us Alex, the Prime Minister’s “Right Hand.” You can make your own right hand joke here.


Of course, the new Doctor himself is rather nice to look at. He obviously agrees in this scene, where he checks to see if his hair is gelled just right — although he seems to be disappointed that he’s not ginger.

Ah well. Like Captain Jack, this Doctor might be more open about who he dances with.

For you fans out there who haven’t seen it, here are a few screen caps of the 2006 coming attractions. Sarah Jane Smith is back, along with K9 and The Face of Boe… cat women and Queen Victoria… and the Cybermen!


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  • The Catwomen got my attention. It’s like some sort of strange morph between the musical “Cats” and the nuns from “The Sound of Music”.
    Man, Dr. Who just keeps getting gayer by the second.

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