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House Beautiful

Ever since I bought this house, I’ve been inundated with mail for the previous owners. They have become legend around here, not in the least because one of them was named Thor.
These people are destined to be in my cosmos, obviously. Today I picked up the Rose Garden Resident, our local neighborhood newspaper, and who was on the front page, in a bigger-than-life color photo? That’s right. Thor and Jan, the previous owners of my house.
They have won an award for renovating and preserving a Craftsman house. It is gorgeous and well-deserving of the award, and now I see why my house is in such good condition. These are not people who are content to live in a box somewhere, these are people who peer beyond the dirty siding, the sloping porch, and the sideways entrance door and see a glorious piece of art waiting to be put back together.
My house gets one sentence coverage: according to the paper, they started searching for a new home because this one was too small.
That’s okay. I am the beneficiary of their eye for renovation, and I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to do it myself.

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