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Once again, I stayed up way too late last night playing with Google Earth. I swear, this app should be outlawed from offices everywhere, because it is supremely easy to spend hour after hour playing, zooming, panning, and spying.
I think I’m going to collect the placemarks I make in one location, when I do I’ll post the link here somewhere.
But for now, here are two new collections:

  • San Jose Sightseeing: things to see in and around San Jose, including parks, art, museums, shopping, and historic sites.
  • Washington, DC Boundary Stones: In 1792, stones were placed along the boundary of the newly surveyed District of Columbia. Most of them still exist today, in backyards and road sides in varying states of ruin. This is a plotting of the locations of the stones.

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  • After Jeff told me about your Hayward/San Andrea fault post, I pulled Google Earth back out and have become re-obsessed with it. I’ve been plotting our hotel, theaters and other sightseeing plans for our London trip week after next, along with all the places I’ve ever lived or worked.

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