Just As I Thought

I need relaxation lessons

Why is it so hard for me to relax?
I’m obsessing about finding a job because that’s the right thing to do — although a more breezy, happy-go-lucky person than me would point out that I have enough savings to live on for another two years.
The reality is that as of this moment, I have so much work to do that I wouldn’t have time for a regular job. Two corporate videos, a couple of websites and PR collateral, a promotional brochure, a conference logo, and a book. They’ll bring a decent amount of money.
I’m here in sunny California, where even in the middle of winter the days are generally in the 60s; I have a tank full of gas and a high mileage car that’s paid for along with a bay area filled with things to see and do.
So, why am I so terrified of being unemployed and at home?

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