Just As I Thought

Ah, now I remember

I often lay awake wondering why? why did I move here? why did I quit my job, why did I leave my friends and family behind? what was i thinking?
But then, even if I had no other concrete or good reason to move, I think about days like today. It is 37° back home in DC; but here I sit in my San Jose backyard, with Diego in my lap jumping up to lick my nose, a glass of Francis Coppola’s red wine, and my Powerbook, on a sunny 74° afternoon, thinking to myself, this is why.

My day, basically: got up and started the computer rendering a bit of stuff for some video projects I’m working on. Sketched out some logo ideas for another client. FedExed some tapes out for film festival stuff. Went to the post office and mailed out some valentines to kids I know. Stopped by the bank and made a deposit then ordered checks for my business account. Worked some more on video. Took a look at the nearly final packaging art for Sara’s album (it’s very sexy and very rich, so much so that we have been discussing ways to kind of make it less risque and more… titillating. You’ll see in May). Did a little brainstorming on a website design. Had some Tostitos with lime. Took Diego out for a stroll and noticed that some trees were flowering. Dug into boxes in the garage to find a CD with the little movies of my commute from 2001. Did a little worrying about some old ISP accounts that are still being billed to Jann and moved them into my name. Began the process to have a point-to-point internet connection installed in my house so that Sara’s websites would be well connected when the CD launches. Turned on the sprinklers for a few minutes since it hasn’t been a very wet winter. Changed my address with National Geographic. Wrote a defense of Vonage for Macintouch. Called the water company to find out why my latest bill is too low. (Because they applied a credit to it for the refund of my deposit at the old place.) Opened a bottle of wine.
And so, here I sit, wondering what I’ll have for dinner.


  • Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good life there. I left Kansas about seven years ago to move to Tampa and haven’t looked back since. Palm trees, puppy dogs, green grass and high tides!

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