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Dumped on San Jose

In the last years of the 1880s, San Jose built a huge light tower straddling an intersection downtown. It was meant to light up the downtown area, but was never very good and ended up in a heap during a wind storm in 1915.
In 1989, 74 years later, San Jose got some kind of a wild hair, and sued the city of Paris and the Eiffel family for copyright infringement, claiming that Eiffel stole his design. This lawsuit was unsuccessful. But perhaps there’s hope for San Jose yet.
The latest monstrosity downtown is the strangely fecal statue of Quetzacoatl, seen here in a photo by San Jose’s erstwhile “Underbelly” historian, Eric Carlson.


Now, I give you the latest craze in Japan:


I think that San Jose had better get its crack team of attorneys ready for a trip to Tokyo.

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  • I think my dog should sue them, after all she’s been making “art” that looks like that every morning for years.

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