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But it’s only TV

Right now over on the East Coast, viewers are sitting down to watch the West Wing election — and prepare for the tragic loss of Leo McGarry. It was sad when John Spencer died back in December, but the time lag involved in creating television drama means that we will all go through it again, in about an hour for the folks in the East. I still have nearly four more hours of anticipation, knowing that despite the fact that I am a 39-year-old man watching a fictional television program… I’m probably going to be crying later tonight.

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  • There’s nothing fictional about John Spencer’s death. He was a fine actor and his ability to touch people through the characters he played (including Leo McGarry) is what made him a star.

    One of an Actor’s goals is to leave behind a body of work that continues to move people years after they are gone. There can be no greater tribute to an Actor than someone crying over the death of a fictional character they created.

    John Spencer would be honored to achieve such a feat.

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