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You know how you always assumed, as a kid mostly, that if you dug straight down through the earth, you’d come out in China? Well, of course, this is not true for the vast majority of us, and this website shows you just where you would end up.

If I were to dig a hole in my backyard straight through the earth, I’d better be wearing a life jacket — because I’d end up in the Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar.


  • Since you brought it up, I seem to recall my teacher saying it was in fact quite difficult to go from land to land and that most of the time if you started on land you would end up in water.

  • Ha, I was thinking about this just the other day. Cool. And working backwards, if you did want to end up in China (say, Beijing), you’d have to start digging in Argentina (a few hundred miles from Buenos Aires)!

  • Damn! Here I was just complaining about the ‘Chinaman’ who was yanking on the same weeds I was last Sunday. So as my back is still twinging and laughing at me about not being a spring chicken anymore, you are telling me it was not a man..but some sea creature getting the best of me? I am now picturing some large cartoonish figure of a ‘fish’ eyeing the sinking kelp and deciding to yank back. What a fun game he was playing!! Too bad I don’t eat sushi!!!

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