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40 more years to go?

I find myself wondering if I am having a mid-life crisis. I’m not entirely certain what a mid-life crisis really entails, other than the sorts of symptoms you hear on sitcoms.
But let’s take a look at the last year, shall we?
I quit a job that, while not very lucrative financially, was comfortable and secure and sometimes enjoyable.
I sold my house (at a huge profit, at least) and left everything and everyone behind to move to San Jose, California.
I bought a house in California for more than half a million dollars. I have poked around for nearly a year without a full-time job and even though I am looking, it’s somewhat half-hearted.
Yesterday I bought an electric scooter. I know that I will enjoy it, like I enjoyed having a moped years ago — but my analytical mind is railing against it because I will never save enough money in gas to recoup the cost.
I don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life; and if “mid-life” crisis is an accurate moniker, then I have about another 40 years left to muddle through.
Do I want to be a creative director? Or do I want to do something else? What am I qualified to do, anyway? Damn these whizkids of today, they may know the hierarchy of CSS and futz around with AJAX, and get their ASPs in a row, but do they know anything about type, about leading, about how to hang a quote outside the margin nicely?
This from a guy who never used a waxer and never cut any rubylith. When did I become the old fogey?
Maybe I need to take some classes or win the lottery. Or both.
Meanwhile, my scooter comes today, so now I have to deal with the DMV yet again. Even fun means bureaucracy.

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  • You should get through your “crisis” about four months after your 40th birthday. Just don’t grow one of those pony tails. Oh, and the purchase of a scooter is not a symptom of a mid life crisis. However, the purchase of a Honda Gold Wing, a car on two wheels, is.

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