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If it was an opportunity, I missed it

This is how my luck works.
Here I sit, in the midst of my mid-life crisis, unsure what I want to do with my life. One of the things I thought about doing was going over to KTEH, the San Jose public television station, and offering my services for free to freshen up their creaky and uninspired on-air image. I’ve always wanted to makeover a television station, from logo to IDs to website, and I thought I would give it a try this spring.
And then today, the news came: San Francisco’s KQED is merging with KTEH. They say the stations will maintain their separate identities, but I can imagine that KTEH would benefit from KQED’s design and marketing staff.
Still, I wonder. Is this particular dream silly, or should I call up KTEH and see if they’ll take me up on my offer?


  • Three options.

    1. You don’t ask and nothing changes.
    2. You ask, they say no and nothing changes.
    3. You ask, they say yes and everything changes.

    Let me think….
    Nothing to lose…Everything to gain….
    Nothing to lose…Everything to gain….
    Nothing to lose…Everything to gain….

    I vote for option 3!

  • Well, it almost never hurts to ASK, and then at least you know you tried, and you won’t be left pondering what-ifs. grin


  • I couldn’t e-mail you by genecowan.com, so I figured I’d try this.
    did you use to go by geni Cowan? And work at the women’s festivals?
    Just curious.

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