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There’s a tool for everything

Amazing, this human ingenuity. There are guys from AT&T in front of my house right now, removing an old telephone pole. They’ve got a truck with a boom on it, at the end of the boom is a circular grabbing thing, with a loop hanging from it — it grabs the pole, the loop slides down, and then it just pulls the whole thing up out of the ground. I don’t know why this fascinates me, but it does. Still, it takes 4 guys to do this.

Speaking of tools, here’s a little message to the ass who felt compelled to leave a comment a moment ago calling me a wanker: grow up. I may be a wanker — and I see nothing particularly insulting about that, by the way, it means pretty much nothing in the US — but at least I am enough of a savvy adult to instantly make your puerile comment disappear in a puff of electrons. Idiot.

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