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Pride for Shut-ins

It was pointed out to me yesterday — by a cutie — that the pride parade is actually broadcast on television here. I was somewhat surprised, I mean, the pride parades back home were certainly not televised, and I wonder how many others might be? New York? Maybe Los Angeles?
Then again, San Francisco has earned its stereotypical gay stripes by having the largest gay population (at least, “out” gay population) in the nation, so why not?
So, this morning I’ll be watching the parade, not for the lovely pride bonnets and imaginative floats, but more for the hot guys without their shirts on.
Can they put that on Sunday morning television?

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  • Did Jan Wahl repeat the theme enough times? “Educate, liberate…” wink We watched the parade on TV, then roused ourselves out of the house and checked out the festival at Civic Center.

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