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Ever watch your local government access channel?
As I write this, San Jose’s City Council is meeting to discuss the mayor’s current woes and whether he should be asked to resign. I’m watching the public comments right now, where citizens are invited to address the council. It seems like they are alternating thoughtful, engaged citizens with mentally unstable, crazy people.
It’s a hoot!


  • Heh, you never watched in Arlington? Same thing. Sometimes I feel sorry for poor Jay Fisette and Walter Tejada and the rest because they sit through those tirades and have to be nice.

  • Ah, but back in Arlington there was no mayor, and never any scandal.
    I was always amazed at the Arlington County government, plugging along and paving the streets, without scandal or taint. And 100% Democrat, the kind of Democratic government that we used to see, concerned about public welfare and county services.
    I miss it.
    Then again, they’ve been a pain in the ass over my dad’s fire department retirement benefits, evidently.

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