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As my regular readers know, last week was marked by a blow to my ego; but sometimes the universe balances out. This week, my ego has been boosted twice, once on Saturday and again this evening. That’s right, I’ve been carded twice this week.
Both times, the ID checker was taken aback by the 1966 birthdate on my license, and now I’m feeling particularly happy about not looking my age. In fact, I might just welcome the coming of my 40th birthday, as long as I can still shock people when they think I’m much younger.
Of course, the way the universe works is clear: it’ll balance back the other way, and within a few years I’ll lose all my hair, wrinkle up, and look 60 before my 50s.

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  • Have your fun while you can, I looked 25 or 30 at 15. No really, when I walked into a new class they thought I was a teacher. Parents wanted to know why I was hanging out with their children…Ummmm Because we’re classmates.

    And people wonder why a maried a man 15 years my senior.

    Even today at 50 if I let my beard and hair go back to their natural color (snow white) not gray, WHITE I tell ya. I’m a dead ringer for Santa.

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