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It becomes apparent when you become a parent

… and having a dog is like having a child. Oh, I know that it’s not really, but go with me here.
In two weeks I’ll be flying back home for my sister’s wedding. Usually, I just take Diego down to Jann & Mike’s house to hang out and play with their dog Tiger, one of the only dogs that he gets along with. Unfortunately, this time my trip coincides with a trip that Jann & Mike are taking. Not only that, my neighbors next door are also going away.
I’m left with the maddening necessity of a kennel, which Diego has never had to endure (other than overnights at the vet). This is really driving me crazy, as I’m overly protective and worried. Diego doesn’t like to play with other dogs, he is skittish and fierce around other people, and he is used to being at home with me. Five days in a cage with a concrete floor, without me there and no one he knows? Even the deluxe suite at the Pet Hotel that I checked out this morning is an isolated space, albeit with a television — I guess some dogs like TV. I know that he sleeps the vast majority of the day, but still, it seems like putting him in prison.
I’m also thinking about finding a pet sitting service that will allow me to keep Diego in the house, with someone dropping by to walk him. They charge $20 per walk, and he goes out about 5 times a day — he has a tiny Chihuahua bladder. I don’t think I can afford $100 a day. (But I’m thinking of starting up a dog walking business!)
I picked up a litter box today to try to get him to use it in emergencies. And I’m looking at various pet sitting services — putting aside my own aversion to giving a key to strangers so that they can come into my house. Where Diego will bark and bark and bark.
I’m obsessing about this and it is starting to get me really upset.
Yet one more down side to living 3,000 miles away from home, I suppose.

Note: love that slogan, “It becomes apparent…” — Sara made that up, that wacky creative gal. You can even buy the t-shirt.


  • For a $100 bucks a day I’ll fly down and be a live in nanny for Diego. Dogs love me (as do cats and birds) and I’ll have the little guy eating out of the palm of my hand in no time.

    I do think litter box training him is the way to go, that also frees up late evenings at the office so you don’t have to worry how long you’ve been gone.

    I wouldn’t leave the TV on for him but a radio would be nice.

    Isn’t your back yard fenced? How about a dog door? One just right for Diego would be to small for anyone else to use.

  • He’ll be fine in the kennel. Keep in mind that he is a dog, albeit your dog, but a dog none the less.
    Unlike cats, those horrible cats, dogs will get out of a kennel just glad to see you- no grudges here.
    I got my dog from a pound, pretty much doggie prison where conditions were quite harsh and she’s just fine.
    That brings up another point- you of all people should NEVER go to the pound, that is unless you want to adopt EVERY ANIMAL THEY HAVE!!
    Again, he’ll be just fine.

  • Yeah I’d agree (and why on earth, of all races of dogs, did you choose the chihuaha?!) dogs will do fine in a kennel, that’s what a kennel is made for. Besides, he’ll be extra pleased when you’re coming back to pick him up. I bet it’ll be a lot like a first day at school.

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