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We’re (both) Number Two!

A story in today’s Washington Post notes that, according to census figures, the DC region has the second-highest income of any major metropolitan area in the country.
I started to bemoan my move, until I realized that just because I lived there, that didn’t mean I was earning a high salary.
Then, I came across the same story in the San Jose Mercury News, which says that San Jose has the second-highest income.
The Mercury News reports that Plano, Texas is number one.
The Washington Post reports that Washington is second only to San Jose (which my math says would make San Jose #1).
Sounds like an old game of telephone — reporters seem to be interpreting the data differently. Check it out for yourself.
Interestingly, one of the reasons I moved to San Jose was the promise of a higher salary. So far, that promise has not come close to fulfillment; but the cost of living is far greater. I think I had a fuzzy math moment when I made that decision.

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  • I’d look at the stats here:


    DC area: $90,300
    Santa Clara: $97,100

    People give me strange looks when I say its cheaper to live in NY than here – but its true. Even if you commuted far away here, it’s still expensive – whereas if you moved to Long Island, it’s not.

    Better enjoy the weather that we’re paying so much for around here. smile

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