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1 life down, 8 to go

I think I poisoned a cat this morning.
Oh, boy. I woke up to find an army of ants marching through my office and into the kitchen, where they were massed on Diego’s bowl of food. The bowl of food found itself outside, I vacuumed the critters up and threw the vacuum bag into the trash can outside; then rode my bike up to Safeway to arm myself with ant spray.
I still feel twinges of sadness in situations like this, but with the resolve of our great leader, I rationalized that I had to kill the ants to preserve their freedom.
After a good spray inside, I took the fight to them, outside. In the process, I sprayed the dog’s bowl… which still had his food in it.
A short time later, I heard coughing — and rushed out back to discover a stray cat in my backyard sitting at Diego’s bowl; I scared him away and dumped the food in the garbage can. He sat for a while on my fence ignoring my pleas to come down, and finally jumped into the neighbor’s yard and took off.
Now I feel horrible. Did he eat any? If so, did he eat enough to cause illness — or death?


  • He’s probably fine, just a little sick perhaps, but nothing horrible.
    Stray cats remember are not really a good thing. Sure they’re as cute as a house cat, but brother they’re a whole ‘nother story.
    Cowboy up my man, it aint like clubbing baby harp seals.

  • Gah, what horrible people my family are! wink

    The problem with the strays we have in our neighborhood is that at least one of them was a pet until the people moved away and left it behind. People are just cruel.

  • Don’t use ant spray… it seldom works anyway. We’ve kept our ant problems completely under control using something called “Grant’s Ant Stakes”. They’re little plastic stakes with a metal housing atop them that contains an arsenic-laced gel. The gel is a favorite of ants, it’s sweet and they can chew into it and carry it back to the colony easily. And the housing assures that cats and other critters can’t get at it; there’s a little hole smaller than the diameter of a pencil that ants can get into but bigger varmints can’t.

    To test it’s effectiveness, I put some moistened dry cat food in a pile on our patio, which drew the ants within about 24 hours. Then I laid one of they Grant’s stakes in the marching path of the ants. By the next day there was still a path of ants, but it was about 1/4 the number of them. By the 2nd day, there were none. I tested again by putting more moistened dry cat food in a pile in another direction but the same distance from where the ants were emerging. No appreciable quantity of ants ever showed up.

    I think you can get Grant’s at Wal-Mart and probably someplace like OSH. Enjoy your ant-sized genocide! 😀

  • Or you could have a contractor re-do your house in a nice, round pattern. Then you can tell the ants “go round to the back.”
    Hee, I just reat that last night and stuff.

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