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First Pluto, now this

Xena and Gabrielle are no more.
The drawf planet that started all this debate, which was nicknamed “Xena” by astronomers — along with its satellite, nicknamed Gabrielle — has been given an official name.
The dwarf planet is now Eris, named for the Greek god of chaos and strife. Eris’ moon is now Dysnomia, for the daughter of Eris, the spirit of lawlessness.
I’m kind of disappointed — I can understand that the official naming of a planet for a contemporary television character is probably a bit beyond the pale; still, what will happen when astronomers have run out of names from Greek Mythology?


  • Nooooooooo!!! Well, I guess it had to happen. Though, there was a character in either Xena or Hercules called Strife, and Lucy’s last name is ‘Lawless’ so maybe someone had a little sense of humor.

    PS, gene got a little typo there… ‘drawf.’ wink

  • But there’s still a Xena connection… Dysnomia is the spirit of lawlessness… Lucy Lawless played Xena… It’s Greek, so there you go. Now spray windex on it.

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