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Duck and cover your ass

And just like that, the October Surprise appeared.
Tomorrow we won’t be hearing about the Foley scandal — we won’t see any traction to the story that appeared today, telling of how at least one other member of Congress knew about Foley’s pornographic emails to underage pages in 2000.
No, we’ll hear non-stop about North Korea and the threat they pose to us, and how we need the Republicans to keep us safe — logic be damned, seeing as how the North Korean situation was allowed to get to this point under a Republican White House and Congress.
And the talking points tomorrow will include blame for Bill Clinton, of course, even though Clinton kept that threat under control during his administration.
Will people ask this question: if, in 2002, George Bush counted North Korea as part of the “Axis of Evil,” why did he allow them to reach this milestone? And now, what can the U.S. do? I mean, nuclear weapons are a deterrent, that’s for sure. And after having spent so much time, effort, resources, and lives on the excuse that Saddam Hussein was “seeking” nuclear weapons, this administration ignored the fact that an uncontrollable, certified nutcase in North Korea was also seeking them.
If I lived in South Korea, I’d be incredibly terrified today.
Every day is a new high in fear in the Bush Years.

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