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I present a sampling of today’s headlines. Judge for yourself what’s happening in our world.

Bush’s ‘Benchmarks’ for Iraq Sound Familiar — President unclear on how new initiatives would be different from previous times when U.S. has set intentions, only to back down.
Rewriting history again: the White House claims that they never said “stay the course” and that all along, they’ve been changing their strategy constantly. Which makes things worse, because if this is the result of constantly tweaked strategies, we need some new strategizers.

Exxon Announces $10.5B Profit — Oil giant posts second-largest quarterly profit ever recorded by a publicly traded U.S. company.
And we trust them to come up with new energy sources? There are plenty of right-wing shills out there explaining how this is completely proper and understandable, but anyone with a third-grade education can do the math.

Worst U.S. Death Toll — Number of troops killed in Iraq war reaches highest monthly total in a year, after five die.
More than 2,800 of our citizens have been killed there now. No telling how many Iraqi citizens have been killed. Seems like Bush and his warmongering cabal are now responsible for as many deaths as al Qaeda.

Big Tumble For U.S. Home Prices — Median sale price falls 2.2 percent from 2005, the largest year-over-year decline on record.
I should have rented.

Bush Signs Border Fence Bill — GOP seeks to show voters a tough stance on illegal immigration ahead of midterm elections.
The police state continues unabated. I’m wondering if this fence is to keep people out, or us in?

And this last one is very interesting:
Iraq’s Fate Silences Rights Activists — Horror at the bloodshed accompanying the U.S. effort to bring democracy to Iraq has silenced public demands for democratic reforms in Syria.
In other words, the idea that the action in Iraq will bring about democratic reforms in other Middle Eastern states is yet another discredited strategy by the Bush administration.

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