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Fool me once, fool me twice, will we be fooled again?

So, here we are, two days away from what many expect to be yet another pivotal election. Lots of people are chomping at the bit for a change in government, hyperventilating over the polls that tell us of a pending sweep by the Democrats — but we’ve been here before.
I remember sitting in front of the television in 2000 with my neighbor, watching the returns. Everything pointed to an Al Gore victory, and the popular vote was on his side… but then last minute intrigue and a Supreme Court decision handed it to George W. Bush. It was the beginning of a trend, the final nail in the coffin of fair elections in this country.
Four years later, Bush won again despite the polling data that showed a Kerry win. Voting “irregularities” in Ohio and poor polling data?
Now, everything points toward a huge swing away from the Republicans. But do we believe it? We not only face huge questions about the complicated and unnecessary electronic voting machines built by Republican contributors; but there is also the strange confidence in the White House. What do they know that we don’t?
Could be something as simple as manipulating the polls to make Democrats think they’ll win without going to vote? What is the basis for their optimism, and will we spend another Tuesday watching a fraudulent election?

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