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Can’t do this with Windows

… but perhaps with OS X, soon.
Is there a cooler computer than this? I think not. And man, why don’t we all have this technology in our homes already? I mean, it’s 2007. Why didn’t Apple deliver this to us 10 years ago?
Funny, isn’t it, that the forces of the “market” don’t really create innovation, they simply give us the least amount of innovation necessary to keep us paying.
Anyway. Take a look at the future and wonder why it hasn’t arrived yet.


  • As best I can tell, there is WAY too much standing and arm flailing going on. To many calories expended on this. What will the “Comic Book Guys” of the world think of not sitting at a desk all day?
    Won’t someone please think of the out of shape?

  • While it might seem like lots of standing I’m sure that in addition, the same feats could be from at a desk.

    I however would rather stand. As a would be photographer the ability to sift through 1,000 shots and move them around and sort through them then finally put them in the order I want for a clients project or even a friends photo disk this is far, far better.

    And lucky for me I don’t have any children because I would sell them to get one of these.

  • Actually the pinch and zoom motion looks just like how you manipulate web pages on the upcoming iPhone.

    Unfortunately, the other thing that this reminded me of was Minority Report, starring our favorite in-denial Scientology messiah.

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