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Jobs is in the details

Things I like about Mac OS X, part 58: unexpected details.

Such as the weather widget, which I just now consulted to find out what the weather is like at my Dad’s house. I marvel at the design of this because I didn’t have to read anything… it was immediately apparent what the weather was in Fairfax the instant it opened.


  • Ha, cute! By the way I just got a work e-mail saying that my company’s Bethesda office is closing early today due to a winter storm warning… while I sit here across the country, adjusting the blinds ’cause there’s just too much sun coming in. Hee.

  • its an icy mess here in good ole fairfax… my condo’s parking lot is plowed, but they plowed all the crap into the cars… god bless my big honkin’ redneck 4 wheel drive smile i think i am the ONLY car on my row thats left in 2 days…

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