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Spring is coming, I promise

Wow, there’s something to be said for the power of weather. Today in San Jose it got into the 70s, right now it’s 71°. I have my front door open and fresh air is flooding the house; I took my shirts to the cleaners and whizzed along the street with the top down and the sun in my eyes.
And damned if it hasn’t made me feel better, emotionally at least.
Of course, if I wanted to be my usual, Eeyore-like, pessimistic self, I’d point out that the temps will be falling back down over the weekend, and then on Wednesday I’m heading to DC where it is currently 24°.
Which will serve as a reminder of why I picked San Jose to move to.


  • In Alaska small front wheel drive cars do fine in the winter and Hondas are popular. I bought a Honda Civic Del Sol just for the removable roof panel that stows in the trunk. People laughed at me for buying a..a…Convertible..in Alaska?

    But then in early spring after months of cold hard frigid winter would come that first whiff of warm weather. Off went the top and my whole word changed.

    Others looked out their windows and said, come look, the sun is out.

    I downshifted to third, nailed the throttle and inhaled the cleanest, purest, fresh air you can imagine. The once cold sun now warmed me as I now felt the heat of it on my arms. My spirits soared, I felt like I was flying.

    Convertibles can do that.

  • Cold and bleak and 30’s in DC today, with horrid icy crap still clinging to everything. I want 70’s! But as you remember we usually get about a week of nice weather here, then the humidity and real heat kicks in. I wonder how my allergies would do in northern CA…

  • It’s 72° in San Jose right now; I just got in from mowing the lawn and doing some pruning and general garden cleanup. The hummingbirds are flitting about, the dog is basking in the sun, and I’m a little worn out from trying to remove a honeysuckle vine in my backyard that died from the bad cold snap we had this winter that resulted in the high prices on that orange you’re eating.
    Just as I leave San Jose on Wednesday, the temps start a dip back down (though still around 60°) and luckily, it looks like I’ll be bringing those extra 10° with me to DC, where it will go up to 50°… thank goodness.
    I’ve tried to romanticize the ice and cold, telling myself that I miss it a little bit. But that’s not true in the least.
    I have a feeling you wouldn’t be as bothered by your allergies out here, TK — I think that the pollen is a very different type; and since there isn’t such a pronounced difference between the seasons, I think the pollen is at a pretty constant level rather than a huge dumping of it in the spring. Things bloom here year-round.

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