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Lingering over breakfast at the Amphora last Sunday, while the snow plummeted down in big clumps, Sara and I chatted about life and death. And life after death. And death after life. And any other combination thereof.
With six months’ distance between today and the night I had my first possible-death experience, things are coming to mind that I generally try not to think about. What happens after I die? Not to me, but to everyone else? I’m not a very spiritual person, I’m more worried about who will take care of my dog and what will happen to all the websites residing on my server and the like.
And then Sara came up with a fantastic idea: since this blog system lets you pre-write entries, posting them only at the time you specify, I could write years’ worth of blog entries in advance — so this site would keep going in a “beyond the grave” milieu. Of course, the major drawback with this is that I don’t know when I’m going to die, so I could end up using up the pre-written entries before I go… or, I could go later today, and I have no entries queued up yet.
The best laid plans, you know.

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