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It’s the little things

Here’s one very cool, unsung feature of the iPhone: when you receive a call from someone not in your address book, it naturally displays the number — but it also has the intelligence to tell where the call is from. I received a call from a number in area code 925 this morning; in the recent calls list, the iPhone helpfully noted under the number that it was from Pleasanton, California. Until now, I would always go to Google and input a number I didn’t recognize to find out where it came from.

It also notes not just how many times someone called, but lists the times of each call — i.e., “June 30, 1:15pm, 3:24pm, 5:15pm.”

These little hallmarks of Apple design — making something work like common sense would dictate and giving bits of information you didn’t even know you wanted — are why I am an Apple fan.


  • Makes it easier to spot all those Gene stalkers much earlier than before huh?

  • Actually, AT&T’s system does that. I get “California call” unless the system they’re calling from gives full Caller ID data, in which case I get that…

  • I also get “California” for calls without Caller ID data; but I have never gotten a specific “Pleasanton, CA” ID before. I think that this is a function internal to the iPhone — I notice that the legal document acknowledges use of the North American Numbering Plan database, so perhaps that database is loaded on the iPhone to do number lookups?

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