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Need for Speed

I bought the fastest computer I could afford and topped it out with gigabytes of memory, terabytes of disc space, and the latest software. I stayed up late day after day designing, animating, keyframing. And despite the four processors working flat out, it took something like 12 hours to render 2 minutes of video for the DC Shorts title graphics.
So, when I got up this morning and discovered that the render was finished, I was ecstatic, and eagerly played the resulting video.
One minute and 50 seconds into it, there was a big keyframing error.
Add another four hours to render just 10 seconds worth to fix the error, a little patch I can paste over the bad bit.
Why, oh why, can’t I just hook the computer up to my brain and imagine what I want, then have the computer instantly produce it?
Alternatively, why don’t I stop trying to be so ambitious and outdo myself year after year? I’m just freaky that way.
Shameless plug: tickets for this year’s DC Shorts Film Festival are now on sale on the website, http://www.dcshorts.com. The competition runs September 13-15, with “Best of” shows running for a full week after that; all at the E Street Cinema in downtown Washington, DC.

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